What was your very first job?


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usher at a theatre that was falling on hard times...I was 15 and they started showing XXX movies. I chuckled that I checked id's to make sure the patrons were at least 18.....


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I had a bunch of neighbors that saved me their old newspapers. I'd tie them up then take them down to a guy that bought them. Some times I'd get lucky and find some pipes that I could also turn in. I also went door to door to shovel snow when it snowed. I guess I was around 10 at the time.

First job with deductions was as a kitchen help at the boy scout camp when I was 15. Worked 6 1/2 days a week for 8 weeks. Got $100 total for my troubles plus room and board. I fished a lot between meals.


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As soon as I turned 15 I got a job as a bus boy, cleaning tables and taking out trash at a mom and pop restaurant.
Saving the local lizard population from extinction in Wyoming. Other kids like to kill them so I would save them. Tough job, but someone had to do it.


I think I was 10 when I sold peaches out of the back of station wagon in front of Ben Franklin's store in Leonardtown for the Fenwick family. Was paid cash daily depending on the number of pounds a sold.

My first job that I receive a formal paycheck was St Mary's Pharmacy in Leonardtown. Started out as a clerk worked up to a pharmacy tech before I quit a few years later.
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Pot Scrubber @ SMHC .... I was 18

I think the pay was 2.08 hr
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First job was as a babysitter to 3 kids for $1 an hour. Then I cleaned a retail TV store for $10 a week. Then I made it to a "real job" as a waitress at $2.13 plus tips.


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Mate on charter boats out of St. Jerome's Creek when I was 12. $20.91 a day plus tips.


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Babysitting. Started about 12 years old getting paid to babysit, and then when I was in HS, it was a steady job. I was pretty much the only babysitter for 2 streets at the time. I also went to stay with my aunt in Ohio for the whole summer of my 16th birthday. I was like an Au pair for my cousin, who was 5.

Before I started babysitting, my mom used to pay me to iron. I probably started doing that when I was about 9 years old or so. I would get money for ironing handkerchiefs, certain tea towels, and pillow cases. :lol: