What was your very first job?


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So the rationalization for your narrow minded statement is the fact that he made too broad of a statement?

So... you are not wrong simply because you think he is not right?

Although a bit too "sweeping", he is not too far from the mark. Kids these days do have to compete with immigrants (illegal?) for positions.
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Worked in a wholesale shoe store, not unlike Payless, up in Rockville, age 16. We didn't do the measuring thing with that weird foot measuring device. but we did try to accommodate by looking for sizes the back for those who asked. Got a lot of foreign diplomats and others who constantly reminded us not to add sales tax as they flipped open their credentials. Made $5.15/hour.


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Don't you have someone to stalk or something? :bubble:

Is that how you refer to my calling out of your narrow minded rebuttal to a comment? A response which was as lacking in proof as it was in substance?

I guess you don't see any immigrants doing any work outside your front window so... there is no problem. Amiright? :coffee:


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Grew up on a horse farm, was working as soon as I could push a wheel barrow. First off farm job was at 15, dishwasher at a German restaurant. $2.00 an hour, three nights a week.


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Listening to the radio (1690 AM to be exact), they run these public service announcements about what type of jobs can and can not do, hours , etc.
It's a federal law that governs the type of work high school age and younger kids can do.
It's all about the safety of the children.

I delivered papers, had my route. Now days it's motorized and done in the over night hours. No way a kid could do it.

The other factor working against younger people is the job market frankly sucks. Jobs that were considered "entry level" or part time work for high school kids are now held by adults who are screaming for a "living wage". In a large part these new displaced workers are over qualified. But, they won't miss work because they went to the beach or partied the night before.