what would you do..


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this is far fetched of course, but, lets say right now if you knew absolutely what your "expiration date is", right down to the day, what would you do now?

yeah, forget those of you on "death Row" at a prison, that's not gonna happen anyway...


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I would go in debt buying a nice house on a lake in a red state and a one of those new blue convertible corvettes I saw last week. I would put as little money down and buy the insurance so both are paid off at my death so my kid and wife remember what an ******* I was every time they jump in the corvette to go out to dinner on my dime.


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Take a look at my retirement money. If my demise is in the near future I'd withdraw it and travel. If I still have 30 more years, I'd have to prep for that. It was never my plan to live past 75 or so but my Mom is 78 and still going strong so....ugh. It would be convenient to know *how* I'm going to die because I really really don't want to be some ancient person with dementia and incontinence still hanging in there. "Stop it, body!"


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It would seriously depend upon how close that day was, as to which choices I would make.

If it was a far off date, probably wouldn’t change much in my current plans.


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I would break out my list of people who need to die before I do and start checking off the names.