What's for dinner?


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A big salad with Marzetti honey french dressing and Ritz crackers with a couple of PF Milano mint chocolate cookies for desert. Now it's red wine time.


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Italian sausage with peppers, onion, and other seasonings with bowie pasta. And beer.

One of our favorite quick and easy meals that makes good leftovers.


..if momma ain't happy...
I was gonna make spaghetti, but the grandsons are coming over tomorrow night, and that's something they will gobble up. Full tummies=good night's sleep.

So we had burgers and a pasta primavera.

Now a glass of Reisling and a piece of dark chocolate while I clean up.


..if momma ain't happy...
The glass of Reisling is medicinal, makes me sleepy.

First, it makes piano practice go well.

I think.
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Hamburger, chopped onions, taco seasoning. Refried beans. Served over crunchy romaine lettuce and chopped tomatoes with a dollup of sour cream, avocado and a little Mexican cheese.
Also made guacomole and like eating it with hint of lime corn chips.
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