What's for dinner?


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I'm really liking this sous vide cooking. Tonight I made a pork loin and finished it on the grill. Came out great.

Made some Chinese-style pork ribs over the weekend, not bad, but wasn't thrilled with them. The marinade I used needs a lot less 5 spice, and they weren't as tender as I expected. More experimenting...


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I threw together instant mashed potatoes topped with frozen fajita chicken chunks, canned corn, and drizzled that with jar gravy. My pseudo version of the KFC bowl.


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I helped a friend with a dirty carburetor and ran out of day, so I grabbed an Arbie's gyro.


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Waffles. Mine topped with beans, salsa and guacamole with fried sausage. Kids’ with syrup. Friday night happiness.


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We had picked our first mess of green beans from the garden in the morning so into the crock pot they went with new potatoes, onion, and ham. Sliced tomato in the side.