What's with Joe Biden's freaking dogs?


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Joe and Jill should get a beagle. Matches Joe's personality.


This guy not pleased with your characterization... :)

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I like dogs but I don't own one, because I don't feel like caring for one and I like to be able to leave the house when I feel like it and not worry about what to do with the dog. I have one bit of advice about your dog. If someone in the home is sick and you call the ambulance be sure to put the dog up somewhere. The dog knows the person is sick and will try to protect the person. If the ambulance people try to move the person onto the stretcher or they go to touch the person the dog will sometimes get angry at the ambulance technician and be protective. Some of the technicians are afraid of dogs also, so it is better to put the dog in another room when you call.


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OUTRAGE REPORT: Biden 'Kicks, Punches' His Dogs

The conservative watchdog — no pun intended — has filed a Freedom of Information Act suit against the Secret Service regarding reports of multiple bite attacks by the First Dog, Commander.

The dog reportedly has been removed from the White House after its most recent attack on a Secret Service agent and other White House staff. According to a Judicial Watch source, President Biden has mistreated his dogs. Judicial Watch has learned he has punched and kicked his dogs.

This is where I must pause and collect myself before writing any further.

I’m a dog person. My wife is so much of a dog person that the first big test of our budding relationship was when she looked me square in the eye and asked if I was a dog person. I should add that this was maybe 40 minutes into our first date. Two decades later, our two sons are dog people and dote on all three of our dogs, all the time.

Back in the day when dog food had to be cooked at home, my dad — then 10-year-old Steve Sr. — refused to serve his Boxer, Chris, any food that Dad hadn’t first tasted himself. I didn’t believe Dad when he told me that story many years ago, but my grandfather (also a dog person) confirmed it.

So it’s with outrage and trembling hands that I’m writing this report.