When Democrats Retaliate


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Much of the American left is now waking up, albeit a little too late, to what five reliably conservative justices could accomplish—and will demand that Democrats, should they return to power one day, respond in kind. Post-Kavanaugh, Senate Democrats can now feel liberated to push through anyone to the ideological right of William Kunstler. They need not disclose all of the nominee’s records or even most of them—a fraction of documents will suffice, especially if they are vetted by a partisan lawyer instead of the National Archives. Any allegations of misconduct or impropriety won’t warrant a FBI investigation and can be safely brushed aside so that the nominee can entrench partisan political power.

Even then, that may not be enough for liberals scorched by Kavanaugh’s confirmation process. Some have already floated the idea of so-called court-packing: expanding the court’s membership from nine justices to eleven or more, giving a future Democratic president the opportunity to appoint two or more justices even if no vacancies arise. Legal scholars and political commentators alike have expressed some support for the proposition, including in this publication.

Such a move would be perfectly lawful since the court’s size isn’t defined by the Constitution. But it would permanently damage public confidence in its integrity, weaken its independence from the political branches, and turn it into something closer to a House of Lords than a constitutional tribunal. In 1937, fearing those results, lawmakers from both parties halted Franklin D. Roosevelt’s push to pack the court. No other president has attempted a similar maneuver since then.

Perhaps the most dramatic move for Democrats would be impeachment. In a New York magazine cover story, Jill Abramson laid out the case last year for impeaching Justice Clarence Thomas for allegedly lying to Congress during his confirmation hearing about sexually harassing Anita Hill and other women in the 1980s. “The idea of someone so flagrantly telling untruths to ascend to the highest legal position in the U.S. remains shocking, in addition to its being illegal,” she wrote. Some Democrats have begun floating a similar proposal to impeach Kavanaugh and remove him from the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals if his nomination fails, or from the Supreme Court if it doesn’t.



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We all realize of course that this is not about Kavanaugh.
He is just the latest victim of the DNC inquisition, of trying to block the Conservative heresy of not thinking like progressive liberal Democrats.

No: This isn't about Kavanaugh, it is about anyone who Trump might have put up for SCOTUS
________ was being complained about before anyone was named.