When The Inertia Runs Out (Russian Navy)


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Nice post & worth the very few minutes it will take to read it. Posting also as I try to keep the CDR Salamander blog visible; great blog and entree into things naval/military....

[Russian] ships showed their quality in the Syrian Civil War ... but the makings of a blue water fleet they are not. Really, Russia does not need a blue water fleet - and I think they know it.

Nazi Germany wasted precious resources in a vanity big-ship fleet that did very little. A proper analysis of the best use of naval forces for a continental power would have kept them focused on regional punch. The Soviets had different ambitions than the Russians do ... so maybe the modern Russians appreciate that fact.

That doesn't make them any less dangerous should we move in to what they consider their waters.
Link: The Russian Navy: When Inertia Runs Out

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Yes, a decent article and the last sentence deserves a second look.