Where are the hummingbirds...


Have had our feeder out since April and nothing. BS Gal had a thread in April that she had some.

Where are they? :shrug:

BS Gal

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There were a few here, then, as Catt said, they went away to mate. I have seen one in the past week, but he hasn't been frequenting the feeder a lot.


They show up, sparsely, in April/May then go off to mate. They'll be back mid-June or so.
Good to know. I saw one a few weeks ago but nothing now. I even made a great hummingbird oasis and have been so dissapointed that there haven't been any around.


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To my untrained eye I started out with three of them for a good two weeks and now I'm only seeing one. I thought they were here to mate so it's nice to know they probably went off to do the deed and will probably be back later.


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They better be back after their mating fun...we have a lot of flowers planted this year for their pleasure....and ours for watching them!


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Three hummers are having a great time fighting over the two feeders I have this evening!

(They REALLY don't like to share :killingme )


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I have one that comes every morning around 5:30 and since I'm gone the rest of the day I don't know if I get many more.


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The pair we have fought for a week over the feeder then we noticed they we mating right there in the front yard........maybe they weren't fighting ?