ISO Recommendations Where to donate winter clothes

Have bags of coats, boots, sweaters in good condition. Used to donate to the clothes closet at the church near gate 2, but they are currently not accepting donations. Last time I was at Vintage Values, they had bags of donations piled up in a mountain in the back. Really would like to get the coats into the hands of local folks who could use them.

Looking for location in central St. Mary's/southern Calvert.
Those metal bins in the parking lots seem to all go overseas to be sold.


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Local banks/credit unions have had a collection in the past, haven't seen one this year.


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Try Abundant Life Christian Outreach Center in the Park. I think they do a food giveaway and set out any other donations they get for people in need on Wednesdays each week.


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SMILE in Lusby or SPOT in Saint Leonard are two places you can take them.
SMILE takes Donations
Wednesday, Thursday & Friday: 10 am – 1:30 pm
Saturdays: 9 am – 11:15 am

Wednesday & Saturday 10-3


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Vintage Values has cleared their mountain and are accepting donations again. My SO dropped a bag of clothes this week and they were immediately sorted and placed out on the racks while she was there.