Which DIY Tech Repairs Are Legal Under the Latest DCMA Copyright Rulings


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Legal: Repairing motorized land vehicles and their software

You can legally repair/modify the software of any terrestrial vehicle with a motor—so cars (including Teslas and other electric cars), trucks, tractors, construction vehicles, motorcycles, etc. This change also grants users the ability to access their vehicle’s telematic diagnostic data in order to diagnose mechanical and software issues.

Legal: Third-party repairs

Not only can the owners of the devices listed above perform repairs themselves, it is also now legal for third-party servicers and companies to perform repairs without being sued, something that bafflingly—was not true prior to this change.

Illegal: Distributing tools for DRM Circumvention

In a strange twist, DRM-breaking software or jailbreaking tools remain illegal to distribute. It’s entirely legal for users to download and use tools that jailbreak their personal devices, but you can still face legal repercussions if you’re caught developing or uploading such software.