Which powdered food makes the best popcorn seasoning?


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Provided you don’t burn it, it’s pretty hard to screw up popcorn—no rancid butter, don’t over-salt, keep it from getting too terribly stale, end of list. It’s also easy to shake up (and not just so the butter makes its way down from the top layer). Think of the classic flavors: Caramel corn! Cheese popcorn! A blend of caramel-and-cheese popcorns (a.k.a Chicago Mix)! Those weird seasonings they have at movie theaters! A world of popcorn possibilities awaits those willing to venture outside the realms of butter and salt.

I use Butter Buds on my popcorn. It's real butter but powdered with the fat and cholesterol removed. The taste of butter but no greasy hands.



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The best topping for popcorn is a sandwich.


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It's not a food but we've been enjoying this seasoning. It's from the makers of Farm Dust.



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I've never been a huge fan of flavored popcorns with any kind of dehydrated seasonings, I prefer it plain or with some real butter. BUT...but... I happened to grab some snacky popcorn for my husband from Harris Teeter. It's that HT Traders brand of popcorn and its flavor is "grilled corn on the cob" and its to die for. Like, hide from the kids, eat the whole bag in one GoT episode, repeat the following week, good. 🤤