White Liberal Men The Unhappiest - Conservative Women The Happiest


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This is the kind of survey liberals loathe. Not that the rest of us don’t already know they’re the most miserable people on the face of the Earth, of course, but when the survey is the University of Chicago’s General Social Survey, an ongoing survey of Americans conducted since 1972, which The New York Times describes as a “widely used resource” and “the scholarly gold standard for understanding social phenomena,” that’s gotta leave a mark.

This isn’t some “agenda-driven,” Fox News-funded survey generated for the purpose of creating news and making liberals look bad. This baby comes from the no-longer-hallowed halls of academia. One can only imagine how much that burns the smug, self-righteous left.

Yep, conservative white women are the happiest people in America.

And the unhappiest people in America? Drum roll, please… the survey says… white liberal men. My initial reaction was: of course, they are; I assume the majority of them are either married to or in relationships with white liberal women. I mean, this is not a giddy crowd.