Who has experience in liquidating an estate??


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OK, guy's, I have been gone from Maryland for many years now and now I find myself back here cleaning up/clearing out not one but 2 estates!! (yikes is right)
So, before I left I followed this forum because honestly other than the pure entertainment you guy's always had the answers.
I need your help in suggesting where or who can handle taking on consignments.
Many donations of usable items have already been made to ALL of the local (Calvert, Charles & St. Mary's) organizations that could use or profit from such items.
I am looking for someone/someplace that can take a large number of porcelain dolls, an Avon collection (do they even still sell Avon......)
A lot of craft items, baskets, etc.

Thanks for any and all suggestions you might have!
PS.....I do not miss the cold that Maryland affords us this time of year and can't wait to return to the Sunshine State


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Porcelain dolls are tough to "get rid of". It's a shame, for those who spent a fortune on those things thinking they'd increase in value, to see them in GW and Salvation army for a few bucks. You nearly have to give them away. Avon collectibles still sell, but not at a high price. If you're just looking to donate, Hooks and Hangers is a local charity that employs the disabled (or whatever this week's PC term is) and the profit stays in the tricounty area. There's not much they won't take and they repurpose a lot of stuff. Charity and Thrift stores say that Baskets are one of the number 1 donated items - starting to see a ton of Longerberger baskets - people try to sell them high, but find the value has really dipped on them, too.

You might consider Letgo or Offerup or Facebook Marketplace and sell the entire lot of Avon, the entire lot of baskets, etc. Marketplace seems to move things along pretty fast. If you scan Marketplace, you might be able to find someone who has a "shop" in a storage unit or garage who might be able to take on your large collections and either do consignment or buy them outright to sell as their own.

Sorry we couldn't warm up the weather for you - hope you get to enjoy some snow this weekend ;)


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I would speak to Charlene Tsiragottis (sp) at the Apple Basket in St. Mary's this is her area of interest/expertise. 301-884-8118.