Who were the St Mary's deputies looking for today?


Commuting home today from the intersection of Chancellors run road and rt 235, I saw a deputy's car with it's emergency lights on and it's front bumper ripped off. I then saw deputy in the K-mart parking lot, then another on FDR blvd and then a third leaving the St mary's river park/parking lot. I went it to see if the wife saw anything, and she told me a Deputy , with a bike rack, got stuck in the ditch in front of the house. Apparently she saw a silver SUV really flying down Old Rolling rd as she was driving home, then saw the deputy get stuck making a U-turn. 10 minutes later a Maryland state chopper could be seen circling the area.
I checked this forum and Baynet, but haven't seen a thing. Was the disabled cruiser hit and run, and the suspect chased down Old Rolling road? Only to escape the U-turn deputy? Did they ever locate the suspect?


Resident PIA
I saw the patrol car in the intersection with the bumper on the road in front of it as I was heading north.
The car with the bikes was headed south. Where did it end up in a ditch?
I too am surprised there has been nothing posted here or on the radio.


Yes, I looked all over the internet, and couldn't find a thing. I guess it might be in the Enterprise on Wednesday.