Why Are the Social Distance Shamers Suddenly So Quiet?


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But what we are not seeing is widespread condemnation of the protesters on what might have been the most obvious point of criticism: They are manifestly violating the social distancing orders. Again, if we are to believe the earlier, dire warnings from public health officials about what would happen if lockdowns were relaxed too quickly, people who fail to practice aggressive social distancing will spread the disease and get others killed. By the logic of lockdown supporters, even the protesters who are practicing strict non-violence have a lot of blood on their hands.

And make no mistake, the protests unfolding all over the country are violating quarantine in any number of ways. Remember that many places are still under stay-at-home orders, and people are only supposed to go outside for essential work or allowable recreation in small numbers. On the plus side, some protesters are thankfully wearing masks, and their activities are unfolding outdoors, which are both factors that work to stop the spread of the virus. But the sheer number of people involved, packed tightly together, often engaging in high-spread activities—like yelling—certainly override much of the benefit. Even Denver protesters, whose comparatively restrained demonstration involved gathering in a public place and lying prone on the ground for eight minutes—the amount of time Floyd's alleged killer had a knee on Floyd's neck—shouted "I can't breathe," the entire time.

Holding police accountable is a very important cause. But the logic of the lockdowns was that they were so necessary to stem the spread of COVID-19 that they should override other pressing concerns. Small business owners were forced to shutter, and many will close permanently, because policymakers ordained that slowing the pandemic was the top priority. Daring to reopen was an "experiment in human sacrifice," a dangerous practice akin to riding an alligator while yelling yeehaw. California Gov. Gavin Newsom, who has fought to prevent churches from reopening to the public, characteristically said the protesters were "rightfully outraged." He did not scold them to go back inside before they get their grandparents killed.



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In Huntingon Beach, CA, the Floyd protests were deemed an "unlawful assembly".

COVID protests were not.


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Well, the COVID protesters weren't busting up the city and looting stores, so there's that.
Can't say I've seen the Floyd protesters doing that in Huntington Beach either. Maybe they just didn't have time. Cops declared it an unlawful assembly after about 1.5 hours.


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Spectator USA author and co-founder of Ideas Beyond Borders, Melissa Chen "...the fact that you legally can’t worship in a church in some places but can vandalize and light one on fire is ridiculous."


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Let me give my Babylon Bee answer.

The reason the Social Distance Shamers aren't saying anything is because they are racists.
They see a preponderance of blacks not wearing masks and keeping their distance, and they are sure this will lead to black deaths.
How is that?