Why do people need to vote early?


the poor dad
Why are you so special that you can't vote on the normal day like everybody else?
The more that vote early, the more stuffed ham sandwiches for me on election day at the firehouse. :yum:

But seriously, I do agree - why this push for early voting - especially dragging it out for a week or a month. Doesn't absentee ballots cover those people with circumstances preventing them from voting on election day?



Well, I work rather close to the early voting place and have off Election Day. Now I can stay home, in my P.J.'s and not leave the house watching the news all day. :cheers:


Animal Poor!
Some folks might be out of town on election day, others might have a work/life schedule that prohibits it.
This may be why it was set up, but not how it is used.

All it has done is provided biased, crap, articles from dip#### journalists to write about how many people are disenfranchised because early voting lines are sooooo long. I have a multitude of the links on my facebook now. Oh and from those same people, why there will be rioting if Mitt wins. The pre-excuses of rioting before the results are in. YAY :buddies:


Judging by the early voter turnout, I'm trying to imagine how it would be if election day was the only day to vote. I think a lot of people just wouldn't bother.


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Personally i am a big fan of voting early and often. Just kidding, i think it is a good thing and took advantage of it in Calvert, along with approx. 12% of the other registered voters.
Including my entire family.


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You mean like in every election before 2008? :confused:

I was there, every thing went smoothly :shrug:
I never had a problem either.
I am hoping to stand in a long line tomorrow however, it will mean that anti obama voters are coming out in great numbers.


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First of all, there is something wrong with the clock/time on the forum. Second of all, Michelle Obama wanted you to vote early in case your toilet overflowed, or some other everyday mundane problem that would keep you from voting. Third of all, early voting causes more suspicion for voter fraud, which can be contested later. We have already heard that we need to check our ballots before submitting because of vote manipulation. Fourth of all, Obama is prez...need I say more. This better be over tomorrow, or I may have another political breakdown. :cds: