Why do Progressives regard minorities as inferior?


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Democrats/Progressives/Marxist types always hold themselves out to be the "Heroes of the downtrodden minorities" but regularly choose to treat them as inferiors rather than equals.

Post your theory as to why they do so.


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How can they feel superior if they don't have any inferiors to "save"? Also, they lead such shallow pathetic lives that pretending to care about something makes them feel worthwhile and important. Then there's the "me too" groupthink part of it - note that ALL celebrities wear the same color activist ribbon at every Hollywood awards thing? That's why normal boring people living in Peoria, IL copycat celebrities:

Beyonce says this.
I want to be like Beyonce.
Therefore I will say what she says.

So basically low self-esteem and lack of originality.


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Aside from the need to be some "white savior" - I wonder sometimes if these people even
KNOW a black person. They *think* they're being helpful but there's almost no end to the
rudeness and condescension.