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Honestly, how stupid can people be? How uninformed? How ignorant?

It took less than 5 seconds to find these pieces:

https://borgenproject.org/global-poverty-u-s-jobs/ which provides this picture of the impact of US aid pre and post on US exports to developing nations....since This_Person, comrade GURPS and Grumpy can't read maybe a picture will help.


This quote:

Foreign assistance programs have bipartisan support for many reasons. Ingram explained that support crosses party lines because it “advances three fundamental U.S. interests: it keeps us safe, it meets a moral imperative, and it builds economic prosperity.”

In an attempt to justify the steep cuts to foreign aid, Director of the Office of Management and Budget Mick Mulvaney referenced how the expense may not make sense to a family living in Grand Rapids, Michigan, (or elsewhere in the United States). In response, Visiting Fellow Marcela Escobari explained why foreign aid does in fact affect the family in Grand Rapids: It helps keep them and all Americans safe.

“War is expensive,” Escobari wrote. “Combating terrorism from failed states is expensive. Foreign aid is the cheapest insurance policy we can buy as a country.”
from this piece:

The benefits of foreign aid (not foreign takeovers you moron) are well known to those who can actually read English and who bother to actually use their "critical thinking" skills.

BTW...since you morons probably don't understand this either, the entire US expenditure on foreign aid is about 1% of the federal budget (from the Brookings piece...if you bother to read it)

this piece https://www.marketwatch.com/story/us-foreign-aid-where-all-that-money-is-going-and-why-in-one-chart-2019-01-15 leads here
https://howmuch.net/articles/how-much-foreign-aid-world-receives-from-usa which offers this quote for the ignorant...

At first glance, it seems like we’re talking about a lot of money. Billions of dollars are flowing from the U.S. to other countries for conflict reduction, emergency relief and HIV/AIDS prevention. But keep in mind the U.S. government maintains an annual budget deficit of over $1 trillion. USAID totals only $36.8B, a tiny fraction of the overall budget. In reality, Americans get substantial goodwill and strategic benefits for a relatively low expenditure, all things considered.
There is a really BIG picture there for you This_person...lots of pretty colors for you to look at. You won't likely be able to understand it...but the colors are p-r-e-t-t-y!

The total federal budget is around $4t...$36.8B is for foreign aid...