Why The Nazi Party Loved Decaf Coffee


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Several jokes immediately come to mind. But I'm posting this with only the following comment: the more you learn about the Nazis and their ideology the stranger it gets (I had done some research on Nazi form/function/ideology in art years ago in college and - wow - that was a strange ride).

Here's two snips from the article (about 10 minutes to read if you plan on savoring it. As it were):
...in its early years, decaf found a particularly appreciative and supportive audience: the Third Reich. As the Nazi Party assumed power, its leaders recommended decaf as a way to avoid caffeine, a poison in their eyes. More than a health campaign, decaf was part of a state policy intended to preserve a healthy Aryan population.
...while the Nazis regarded the buzz from a fully-caffeinated cup of joe to be ideologically verboten, Norman Ohler writes in Blitzed: Drugs in Nazi Germany that the Nazis encouraged Aryan people to snack on “meth-spiked” chocolate.
Click on over. It's fascinating/disturbing/weird (link): "Why the Nazi Party Loved Decaf Coffee"

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