Why Trump’s Approval Ratings Are Up Among Minorities


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Amounting number of voter polls show that, despite shrill denunciations of the president by the Democrats for his alleged racism, Trump is enjoying a dramatic increase in his approval ratings among minorities. This isn’t, as some liberal news outlets and pundits have suggested, wishful thinking based on outlier polls. The trend began showing up in surveys early this year and appears to be gaining momentum. Some polls now show his approval numbers at 25 percent among African American voters and 50 percent among Hispanic voters. If those figures hold for the next 15 months, they will render Trump unbeatable in November of 2020.

If this claim seems over the top, it should be remembered that Trump beat Hillary Clinton in 2016 despite garnering only about 8 percent of the black vote and 29 percent of the Hispanic vote. Put another way, Clinton lost the election despite winning nearly 90 percent of the African American vote and two-thirds of the Hispanic vote. In other words, they simply can’t beat the president if he holds them to significantly lower percentages of these key voting blocs. The Democrats and their media enablers understand this, of course, which is why they have worked so diligently to discredit polls that confirm the president’s gains among minority voters.



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The Democrats and their media enablers understand this, of course, which is why they have worked so diligently to discredit polls that confirm the president’s gains among minority voters.
Or the relentless comments of racist, white nationalist and white supremacist.


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Why hasn't Tranny been around to point out the stunningly obvious of how wrong you are and call you "comrade"?
She started drinking early yesterday, and by the time this was posted, she was in a self induced vodka coma?
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So comrade....did you bother to look at polling data??? I mean recent polling data?? No? What a shocker....

But first just to point out the stunningly obvious....

Donald Trump didn't win because of his minority vote percentage. Hillary Clinton didn't lose because of her minority vote percentage. Donald Trump got smoked in those categories and, lest you morons forget, he lost the popular vote. You all really should decide which side of your mouth you want to talk out of. Are you for or against the popular vote? Are you for or against the Electoral College.

Donald Trump won because enough people stayed home in a dew key districts in a few key states and he won the Electoral College in a very narrow tally.

As for the comrade's latest propaganda:

Here is your latest Morning Consult poll: https://morningconsult.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/85402_190920_crosstabs_POLITICO_RVs_v1_JB.pdf Total Hispanic approval: 33% (not 50%) Total African American: 16% (not 25%)

Marist is here: http://maristpoll.marist.edu/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/NPR_PBS-NewsHour_Marist-Poll_USA-NOS-and-Tables_1909091558.pdf
Oddly they don't break down by race as comrade GURPS' propaganda suggests. This poll only uses white and non-white (which is a mentality that will fit very well on here)...Trump's non white approval: 34%

The most recent Fox poll: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/fox-news-poll-august-14 African American approval: 10% Non white approval 34%

None of this info is hard to find...why you chuckledheads don't bother to look is an interesting question.

Why you chuckleheads think that the ONLY propaganda that exists comes from the left is a fascinating question. Why is that? Why do you people believe every piece of horseshit comrade GURPS posts??? When it is so often and so easily shown to be wrong or misleading?