Why Trump's Foreign And Trade Policy Benefits The U.S. Economy And Markets


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I recently had a conversation with David Mazaheri, who explores the contrarian view of Trumpism. The critics regard Trump as a populist president and a rudderless vessel, but Mazaheri argues that his policies are the organic evolution of foreign policies before him. Looking at parallels from successful and well-respected past U.S. political and economic regimes, Mazaheri distills that Trumpisms are beneficial for the U.S. economy. Its main element is the belief that American foreign policy should be conducted within the contexts of self-determination, self-preservation and, when necessary, self-sufficiency to advance and protect its self-interest.

Mazaheri: Trump’s withdrawal from the 12-member Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership was not based on economic protectionism but rooted in concerns that the draft agreement heavily favored Asian industries. The George W. Bush Administration took a similar approach, pursuing trade agreements in Latin America on a bilateral basis, despite a multilateral push from Brazil. The results were trade pacts with Chile, Columbia, and Panama, which would have been impossible to reach on a multilateral basis.

The Administration’s imposition of the newly announced tariffs on imported aluminum and steel are market corrections within the scope of the efficient market hypothesis in the context of the trade.

China’s overproduction and refining of industrial base commodities in 1990s depreciated the prices of industrial commodities, which over time produced ample market share for the Chinese industries, with the advantage of pricing benchmarks in the secondary production markets. The tariffs announced by the Administration are correcting tools with the impact on multimarket paradigms: commodities market, manufacturing market, labor and job market; and corporate valuations in respect to the listed equities. I would argue that the tariffs are addressing monopolization of the commodities market as a whole and create a greater self-sufficiency for the United States with positive impact on the overall American economy.

The Contrarian View: Why Trump's Foreign And Trade Policy Benefits The U.S. Economy And Markets


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