Why young people are so screwed up


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Because their music sucks.

I like some stuff released after 2010, but not much. It's mostly interchangeable autotuned girls and extreme sex/profanity that your Mom would have thrown in the trash, along with no-talents who can't even play their own instruments without digital tweaking. Our "bitching about society" songs back in the day, sonny, had a point; today they're just being whiny aholes.

#1 on the Billboard Hot 100 right now is "Dynamite" by some Korean boy band. I like it, but it's manufactured pop created by computers and not actual humans. #2 is WAP by that disgusting whore Cardi B, and it's ghetto trash - not just the words but the whole thing. She's a no-talent who surely blew her way to the top because she didn't get there on merit.

"Black" music now is a bunch of illiterate thugs grunting vaguely in time to a beat. Nothing even resembling the great Motown music of the good old days. THOSE were some talented performers. Even the OG rap/hiphop from the 90s was clever and had a point. Now every punk killed in a drive by is an "aspiring rapper" (which I translate as "unemployed" or "drug dealer").

We used to be able to rely on black artists to save us from a relentless onslaught of Air Supply, Celine Dion, and guyliner bands, not to mention the interchangeable boy bands that are the musical equivalent of saltpeter. Now they've caved to mediocrity as well.

And PS, I don't think Beyonce is talented, nor do I understand why she's so revered. Her music sucks and she's an autotuned synthetic mess.

The formerly talented Taylor Swift is also a wreck these days.

Give these kids some better music and maybe they'll stop busting chit up.


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Pfft. Generally speaking our musical tastes were developed during the time we were 14 - 21 years of age, so we think that's the best music ever made. Just another attempt to pit generations against one another. OP, if you think today's music stinks, you're exposed to the wrong music.

To wit: