Will Biden let unvaccinated people vote next year?


the poor dad
If they thought Jan 6th was an insurrection, then Nov 8th 2022 will be a civil war if he implements that strategy to win an election.


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Asking for a freind…….
Funny, I was JOKING about this at one point - the outrage at making this a condition for being able to VOTE.
To think it might be a real one.

What's amazing is, the left would be fine with this, because they believe it will help them - they're under the impression that people who resist the vaccine are all Trump supporters and thus, they don't mind trampling over a person's rights. They despise the idea of voter ID - but would be ok with this. Because it helps them.

In similar fashion, they are all for DC statehood -

BUT THEY WOULDN'T BE if it meant two REPUBLICAN Senators. So - has nothing to do with justice or rights.