Will Warren Buffett Really Make Billions Off the Keystone Pipeline’s Demise?


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Nor did the article discuss the adverse impact of shipping oil by rail. Those exploding oil trains are more common than people realize (see them in pictures), and the human and environmental costs are real and exceed the costs of moving oil by pipeline.

“The horrible truth ... is train transport is far more dangerous,” energy writer Brian Westenhaus has pointed out.

As just one example, forty-two people were confirmed dead in the 2013 Quebec train disaster, and several more are presumed dead.

“No pipeline failure has ever come close to this level of human death and suffering,” Westenhaus points out.



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Too bad there wasn't a pipeline to transfer the product.

Train crashes in Texas with 18-wheeler truck | Fox News
A Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) train collided with an 18-wheeler outside Cameron, Texas, on Tuesday morning, police confirmed to Fox News.

An explosion occurred as a result of the crash, and authorities have labeled the collision a hazmat situation, according to the Cameron Police Department.