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Holy crap!!! It's a blowing hard out here on the island. And it's cold too.

I guess that high pressure offshore finally moved off.


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Liking it, noticed that at least half my leaves in the back yard have blown into the woods.
My lawn guy texted me last Thursday to say he was coming the next day. I told him too soon, they had barely started, could see all the grass, etc. Then Saturday we had all that wind. He should have come on Sunday, if only we had known.


Leaves Must Be This Deep...



Just sneakin' around....
I get a kick out of my neighbor. He was out there for 2 days blowing and raking and tractoring..... and today it looks like he never touched it. :lol:

I wait until they are all down, then do it once.


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I waited last year until they were all done. It kicked his ass and requested two passes this year. He's also doing g my neighbors at the same time. We both had huge trees taken down in the spring, but I'm not sure that's made a huge difference.


Raisin cane
Translation: I use this excuse because I'm lazy and hate raking leaves.

:lol: j/k.... I have 1/2 acre of 'lawn'. The other 4.5 acres is heavy woods. Plenty of refuge for the critters.
I hardly get any leaves now that I’m on a postage stamp size lot. What I do get just blows into the canal.