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Does anyone have any suggestions on where I can get a windshield ding and window repaired on an '88 Dodge truck? The windshield ding is small but right in the line of sight of the driver. The window on the driver's side will not roll down (manual crank). It looks like the mechanism might be rusted. I need to get these last two items fixed to pass inspection.

Should I just bite the bullet and call Royal Auto Glass or some place like that? Do any forumites do that kind of work on the side...for a reasonable price?

Thanks for any help you can send my way.

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I have had good luck with windshield repair at Royal Glass in Great Mills. Don't know about the other locations. They'd all probably do a fine job. Repairing a chip doesn't result in a PERFECT windshield, so chips right in your line of view may still be visible. But if the chip itself isn't bothering you, the repaired chip won't cause you any distress. Also, you might want to check with your insurance. My USAA policy pays 100% of a winshield repair (which really isn't that expensive to begin with).

I'm not sure if a glass place would be appropriate for the window crank issue. A general automotive repair shop may be your best bet for that one. I'm not familiar with the repair shops in Charlotte Hall.

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A&M? glass in Hughesville. They did a great job on my car. I had to have it replaced, but if it had only been a ding, they could've repaired it and my insurance would've paid for the whole thing. (no deductable)
They even got the window sticker off the old windshield and put it on the new one. :biggrin:

They are located on RT 5, just south of 231, on the southbound side.


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Thanks for the information. I got the work done at A&M in Hughesville. They charged me a little over $100 to fix two windshield chips and replaced the regulator on the driver's side door. Interesting that the chips are still visible and within the driver's line of sight and the truck still passed inspection. I don't really think there's any difference in how the windshield looks now and how it looked before but it passed inspection!

Thanks again for the information.