Winter Critter Tips - GLASS for Chicken Pen


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I have discovered by accident that using glass to cover the perimeter of my chicken pens during Winter will help keep them warm AND adds light to the pen which using plywood does not. This way chickens will get the most sunlight possible. I came across a few old sliding glass door panels (heavy glass framed in metal) and added those to the sun-side of 1 pen. I was so happy that I advertised in the So.MD Classifieds for MORE framed glass, and I hit the jackpot (ones trash is another's treasure lol) and have another approx. 8 glass panels I have added to the chicken pens. I am going to check the temperature comparison to see just how much heat gets radiated into the pens on any given day. Some of the glass is single and some is double.

Does anyone else have any Winter tips to share?
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The glass is working great for allowing light into the chicken pens AND in keeping them warmer (well on days we have sunshine). I am very pleased.


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