Wisconsin officials: Trump observers obstructing recount


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Wisconsin officials: Trump observers obstructing recount
MILWAUKEE (AP) — Election officials in Wisconsin’s largest county accused observers for President Donald Trump on Saturday of seeking to obstruct a recount of the presidential results, in some instances by objecting to every ballot tabulators pulled to count.
SHOCKING!! Trumpians with no facts that back up their position act as if they are knowledgeable or have something to add? SHOCKING!!

Trump requested the recount in Milwaukee and Dane counties, both heavily liberal, in hopes of undoing Democrat Joe Biden’s victory by about 20,600 votes. With no precedent for a recount reversing such a large margin, Trump’s strategy is widely seen as aimed at an eventual court challenge, part of a push in key states to undo his election loss.

A steady stream of Republican complaints in Milwaukee was putting the recount far behind schedule, county clerk George Christenson said. He said many Trump observers were breaking rules by constantly interrupting vote counters with questions and comments.

“That’s unacceptable,” he said. He said some of the Trump observers “clearly don’t know what they are doing.”
SHOCKING!! Brain dead Trump supporters "clearly don't know what they are doing"?? SHOCKING!!


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Perhaps every ballot the counters pulled WERE questionable. Did you ever think of that, Einstein? With dems fabricating ballots by the thousands, there's bound to be a whole batch that were filled out incorrectly by someone who wasn't quite sure of how the overlords wanted them marked.


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OK, it seems like it should be a pretty straightforward process. I don't know how they are doing it, but on the initial recount:
  1. Pick up a ballot
  2. Show it to observers
  3. If there is no objection, it goes in pile "A"
  4. If there is an objection, it goes in pile "B"
  5. Pile "A" is tabulated and recorded as official.
  6. Pile "B" is looked at again by a different set of poll workers and observers.
  7. If ballots get objected to a second time they need to go through some sort of arbitration process with strict guidelines, specifying what makes a ballot legal and what makes it illegal. The election official has to prove it is a valid legal vote or the observers has to prove it is an invalid vote. No subjective opinions, but based on established objective criteria.
I realize this could be and endless process if the observers continually object to everything and someone will have to make a decision, which is why it is important to have the establish guidelines based on objective rules and take out the subjective opinions.


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NOT SHOCKING!! The OP supports an obvious Democrat-friendly/-phrased, anti-Trump, AP elections process hit piece.

The AP is a joke.

#TDS is apparently a terminal condition.

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