womens college admissions


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I don't understand this new ideology. Please, explain the reasoning.

Historic women's colleges admissions were, at one time, pretty straight forward. If you are a woman and have the grades & some money, welcome aboard.

Now, if one IDENTIFIES AS A BIRTHING HUMAN, come on in. Even though you have a penis.
If you were born with a vagina, but IDENTIFY AS A NON BIRTHING HUMAN, you cannot be admitted.

Why? Are trans people on one side better equipped to learn?

Lets see here. If I, a white Anglo-Saxon old heterosexual male, IDENTIFY AS A PREGNANT WOC, could I be admitted to Howard University on a volleyball scholarship?

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I'm pretty sure they can't actually block admission on the basis of sex (or now gender too I guess). It just goes against tradition for a male to apply to a traditional womens college, just like most asians don't apply for historically black colleges. But if you did apply and in all other ways met the criteria for entery, they couldn't block you.