Words I hate that are favorites of the left


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Existential: According to the left every one of their talking points is an existential threat. Global warming climate change, racism, COVID, Trump, Trump supporters, police, Republicans and a thousand other things........

Systemic: According to the left everything is systemic. Racism, police brutality, war on women, inequality, workplace violence, sexism, LBGTQLMNOP hate, xenophobia, and whatever else needs a misleading adjective.

Played a solitare style game while watching CNN the other night. Every time I heard one of these overused words I took a drink. Wife said in an hour I was less coherent and more confused than Slo Joe Biden.


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I hate pretty much anything that comes out of their ignorant mouths.

9/11 puts me in a bad mood every year because the worst humans on the face of the earth come crawling out of their holes to be as vile and disgusting as they possibly can. Today I'm ignoring Twitchy because it's literally painful to read what those POS say about the men and women who died.


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My daughter commented last night, she observed some twit on line commentuing Covid was worse because 600k people vs the 3000 onj 9/11