Would you go to a Mexican dentist?

Non US dentist

  • Yes

    Votes: 4 30.8%
  • No

    Votes: 7 53.8%
  • It depends

    Votes: 2 15.4%

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If you have no dental insurance and had to pay the entire fare, would you consider going outside the US for your dental procedures?

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Why not? You could get one of those gold caps with a star or moon cutouts in it.

Being serious, my parents have friends that retired to the west coast of Mexico and they use the local dentists and medical doctors.


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Our counterparts in San Diego used to do just that.. they stopped doing it about 15 years ago


Yeah, whatever
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It's big business south of the border.

So cheap care in Mexico can look like one hell of a good alternative. Costs overall are said to be 40-65 percent less than in America -- 70 percent or even more if we're talking about dental work. When you're facing a five-figure bill in the U.S., that means you can buy a plane ticket to Tijuana, book a hotel there, get healed, and then throw in another week of sightseeing and tequila on top of that, and you'll still end up spending less than if you'd gotten the work done at home.

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My biggest concern wouldn't be about how my new teeth work great and look great for half the price.... my biggest concern would be can I get back into the States.... and I'm of Irish, French, and Cherokee blood.... lol.....

A lot of people in Arizona go to Mexico for all kinds of things. Snowbirds [people from Wisc., Ill,. and Minn... etc] go to Mexico all the time for knees, hips, teeth, and medications..... It's ridiculous how much time and effort they save going to Mexico. I don't know how the insurance part of it goes... but if they can afford two homes... one for summer and one for winter... then I guess they can afford dentures without an insurance kick in.

On the other hand... the Canadians migrating to Arizona for the winter... they're selling out and staying away.... because entering the border they have to buy American Health and Auto Insurance.... or at least I think that's what my neighbor said. Hey... maybe Canada will build the Southern Border.... with all the fees they pay to have a place to "winter".