Wouldn't it be easier to just ban children?


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DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — As anyone who has grown up around snow knows, part of the fun of sledding is the risk of soaring off a jump or careening around a tree.

But faced with the potential bill from sledding injuries, some cities have opted to close hills rather than risk large liability claims.

No one tracks how many cities have banned or limited sledding, but the list grows every year. One of the latest is in Dubuque, Iowa, where the City Council is moving ahead with a plan to ban sledding in all but two of its 50 parks.

"We have all kinds of parks that have hills on them," said Marie Ware, Dubuque’s leisure services manager. "We can’t manage the risk at all of those places."


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Or a sign that says something like, "Use at your own risk".

I was listening to something about this on the radio. Would it stand up in court if the sign said use at your own risk. If you decide to use the field then you forfeit your rights to sue. Better wording of course.