wrap up pt 1


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Another fantasy season over with and hopefully a couple championships out there. I did start at the draft this year and hopefully a couple of you got Brady and Moss as early as I ranked them, if not, hopefully you at least didn't take Shaun Alexander in the first round.

Anyway, my goal was 4 championships (out of 8 teams) and I only ended up with 2 titles, a 2nd and 3rd place trophy and the rest... not so well. My 13-1 and 14-0 teams both lost the first round thanks to Brady not throwing a TD that week (i'm not bitter).

I will be working on a wrap up of my draft rankings vs how they really did as well as what players were key in getting a championship.

Until then, please let me know how you did, how well you drafted and how well you picked up waivers.