Anyone been here?I went about 3 years ago and would love to go back.


We did the Grand Canyon on the same trip.We also went to Mt. Rushmore,Hoover Dam and The Four Corners.We drove a total of 8000 miles in 8 days.Also stopped by Florida and Nag's Head on the way back.We did lots of driving but saw a lot.I would love to do another cross-country trip!

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vraiblonde said:
My before-I-die vacation is the Grand Canyon.
You MUST go to the Grand Canyon. I went there with my dad about 4 years ago and it was the most AWESOME experience. :clap:

Stay in Sedona if you can, which is the greatest little artist community, full of neat little shops and great restaurants. We stayed at a timeshare there and it was absolutely BREATHTAKING. :yay:

EDIT: Here is where we stayed:

Club Sunterra - Sedona Resort @

Absolutely incredible villa! :banana:

This was my room and the incredible vistas from the window:

<img src="">

<img src="">
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After a year plus of lockdowns, this doesn't surprise me.
For the first time in its 149-year history, Yellowstone National Park has surpassed the threshold of a million visitors in a month.
Grand Teton National Park isn’t into seven-figure-visitor territory yet. But July 2021 still marked Grand Teton’s busiest month in the park’s 92-year history.
“We had about 1,080,000 visitors in July,” Yellowstone Superintendent Cam Sholly said at a Friday press conference near the Upper Falls of the Yellowstone. “Record visitation.”
1M visitors flocked to Yellowstone in July | Local |


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Yellowstone was amazing. Spent a month there. Grand Canyon is a more-than-once experience. I've been to the rim as a tourist, hiked from the rim to the river once, and rafted the river three times. Every time it was worth every minute. Too old to do anything but the rim tourist thing now, but I will always have the memories. One caution to mention - when hiking down be careful around the horses on the trail. Many times mashed against the wall by those.