Yotes of Somd


Went outside mid day Saturday and saw the scrawniest coyote standing in my neighbors yard. I live in lusby near the lng plant and didnt know coyotes had made it this far south. Got a good look at it with binoculars and it wasnt a fox.


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Yes , they are definitely here in Calvert, not in great numbers, but they are here. Have seen a couple in Huntingtown and a guy i work with shot and killed one and took it to DNR for identification south of PF 2 - 3 years ago.

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We live in the Oakville area, and we have one roaming in our woods. It has killed four of our chickens.


I've never seen them in MD, I had heard they were there. I've go some here that must have recently had babies, I hear them at night and it's a creepy sound when it's quiet out there.


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My parents live near you OP, have lived there for over 40 years. My father said he saw one about 10 years ago before MD DNR said they were here so... They are here and have been in small numbers at least.


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Possible sighting in my backyard in Owings this morning. It looked somewhat like a fox, but had longer legs and no bushy tail. I googled images of coyotes, and what we saw looked very similar to this.