You have $10,000 to spend in one store....


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does it have to be a single trip or can I spend over time. if it's over time, the grocery store. single trip, furniture of some variety


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So right now it would be a furniture store since I need new living room furniture. Otherwise it would probably be Lowes.


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After the obvious answer of Ridge Hardware (do they have an FFL? They should), Sam’s Club. That place has everything. $10k would go very fast, and those are just “needs”, with barely any “wants”.


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A local body shop/auto restorer to get my wife's favorite 1993 Ford Escort back in good running condition, new tires and the worst body damage fixed.


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Best Buy or a jewelry story. First one is fun, but the second can be sold later so I can spend the cash at my leisure.

Maybe I'd just go to a grocery store, buy a bunch of gift cards and load those bad boys up.
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On second thought... invest in precious metals — copper, brass, lead, steel. Can never have enough. And when SHTF, I’ve got food, water, and TP without having to stock it.