YouTube Suspends Steven Crowder For ‘Hate Speech


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Crowder’s team is unsure of the exact reason for the strike and has requested time stamps from YouTube on the September 30 video earning the channel another strike. According to Crowder’s website: “During the September 30 show, we discussed a news article entitled ‘Female inmate now pregnant after California pro-trans policy forces women’s prisons to house biological men despite prisoners’ pleas, warnings: report,’ and there was a short comedy sketch after that. The news article was a report on female prisoners becoming impregnated when they were forced to share cells with biological men.”

YouTube told The Daily Wire in a statement: “We removed content from and issued a strike to the StevenCrowder channel for violating our hate speech policy, through repeated targeting of the LGBTQ+ community. Hate speech is not allowed on YouTube, and in some cases, we remove content or issue other penalties–such as a strike–when a creator repeatedly targets, insults and abuses a protected group based on attributes such as sexual orientation or gender identity and expression across multiple uploads.”



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Did the LBQWXY community really not think that evil men wouldn't take advantage of being allowed to enter a woman's bathroom claiming to be a woman .


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There are more than several documented cases of trans "women" sexually assaulting young girls in bathrooms.



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Gets pretty ugly when the truth is considered as hate speech.

It's damned insane to put men who claim to be trans ,but still have their crank in jail with women.
The same as the insanity of allowing men who still have their organ to enter ladies bathrooms.

Now that's not hate speech it just the plain unadulterated truth.