Zombie House Flipping


Power with Control
Might just be the worst house flipping show on television. I mean I get that a little drama might get added to most of these, (see that original flipping in Vegas show) but holy hell, this stuff is bad. Wife turns it on, so I see it in the background. Almost seems like these people were not partners before and they were simply cast in the roles, carefully selected by demo and so scripted it's horrific. A/C not working for the third time, guy runs to the outside unit, and holds up completely (and neatly severed) lineset, "Man, I guess the guys doing the block musta nicked the line". Simple prank played on another episode, so the other sets up the standard bucket of water over the door, which of course doesn't catch one of the flippers, just two workmen delivering a custom piece of glass for the shower, which they drop and destroy. Another time, they have a garage that the historic district wont let them tear down, so one of them just knocks it over, no discussion about the repercussions of that after five minutes of drama over it. Sadly, house flipping shows seem like car shows, where its less of the thing and more of the drama.