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Parent's Affected by Addiction (PABA) , a tri-county support group for those who have loved ones with substance abuse. We will meet on Thursday, August 15, doors open at 6pm - meeting starts at 6:30pm - 8:30pm at Charles County Sheriff's Office, LaPlata, MD. Guest speakers monthly. Contact 301-848-6449, and facebook. All are welcome!
Where in NY is your farm? Northern NY here, little town named Malone.
25 miles w of lip of Schoharie County on the river. Gorgeous plot...but,...its NY. :-(
I have heard of not recall being through there.
Malone is straight north of Albany about 150 miles, right on the Canadian border, eh! Beautiful area but the winters and the government suck. It really pisses me off that as a landowner I pay taxes but since I am not a resident I can't get a handgun permit. We are selling out. Maybe I can find a liberal looking for their own personal utopia to buy it!
Its as I have said..."Buy the dream, Sell the Dream"...I have two interested parties on my land right wants to expand organic farming...the other wants a boat ramp and possible restaurant. We shall see.
Call Tommy Sacks with Tommy’s Garages. He’s local. Does most of QBH’s homes. I went to school with him. He owns the business and is very responsive and does good work (my house and many friends). Tell him Will from Oakland Hall recommended you. He will do right by you. #(443) 205-0762‬.
Hi-Quality smart Side Room Heater

Product Description

Termoventilatore Fan Heater (or air heater / space heater / blower heater)
2 Function setting
Slim & comfortable
Power setting 1000/2000W
Overheat protection
Adjustable thermostat
Power indicator light
Looking for Room to Rent, not looking to spend a lot, Mostly weekdays. I'm working @ PAX 3rd Shift.
I dont need much and I lead a simple life.
Please reply if you have any ideas...