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    CNN won't run pro-Trump ad warning Biden will raise taxes on middle class

    CNN (Clinton News Network) has always been a channel with a Socialist agenda. No surprise here.
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    Facebook censors the SMC Sheriff's Office

    Very unfortunate. Twitter, Facebook and the mainstream media certainly appear to have a Socialist agenda.
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    Question about masks

    This must be why they are worn by doctors and nurses across the World in our hospitals. This suggests that instead of saving people they want to infect people more. More left wing news from the Post.
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    Bacteria is not airborne. Thus, the necessity of the mask.
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    Has anyone heard of the Household Goods Global Contract? Congress has it starting in October of this year. However, it may be delayed until March or April due to law suits from various moving companies. It will be "contractors" administering contractors. It looks like the people in Personal...
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    Nothing is guaranteed.
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    With most home made masks, it is true since they are usually loose fitting. If wearing tight creating a seal around the nose and mouth at the same time, it reduces the risk, "but does not eliminate it". N95 respirators are the best followed by surgical masks. N95 is around 95 % effective if worn...
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    A friend recently pointed out that more than half of the people in public are not wearing their masks properly. He said it places themselves at risk as well as their family and friends if they get the virus. There has been a substantial increase in people who either wear it to cover only the...
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    School Calendar for 2020-2021

    Starting school back at the end of August is playing with fire and they know it. You can't assume all the kids are going to wear masks whether disciplined or not. I was talking to a friend that asked have you been watching how people wear the masks in a public setting? I said no, why? He said...
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    Fortunately there was no accident

    The roads in Southern Maryland, not just SMC need to be better marked with reflectors and other safety improvements. For example, better lighting at intersections would be a good start. We continue to pay the extra 30 cent gas tax. What did we get out of it? The gas tax doesn't necessarily have...
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    Medical problems

    There seems to be a lot of sick people in Southern Maryland. Every time someone goes off the road and hits a tree, house, another car the police assume the person must have had a medical problem. If so, the rate of people having medical problems in Southern Maryland sure has significantly...
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    Sign trash

    Thanks. I didn't know that.
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    How did vote democrat work out for them

    So, how did the "Vote Democrat" signs work out for the Democrats? It never said why. It never said what they stand for. People are just supposed to get up and vote Democrat just because some put up yet another sign that said so. For the person that put up such a sign, what kind of idiots does he...
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    Sign trash

    Political signs have become a form of trash in the beautiful landscape of our County, if not the State. We need to have a law that all of the political signs that some will argue doesn't do any good anyhow, have to be placed no more than 30 days before the election and no more than 30 days...
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    Political signs

    No. They never have influenced my vote. I am not sure why the politicians think the signs help.