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    Support For Our Area Homeless Animals During the Holidays

    Lisa's Ark Critter Rescue Inc. - WE ARE A 501(c)(3) NON PROFIT - HELP US WITH YOUR TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATION: Sadly the Holidays are a time for increased owner surrenders at area shelters. During a time of Good Will and Giving, its hard to understand why...
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    Yellowstone volcano increased activity. Possible eruption?

    I love your sense of humor. If it happens it will take most folks by surprise since only those of us interested in volcanoes are usually aware of their potential for devastation locally. Sadly a massive Yellowstone Supervolcano eruption would kill probably half the world's population (over...
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    Furry lovers needs human friends

    Seriously, we have a few awesome kitties that are looking for their own humans to love. All kitties are already vetted and the adoption fee is less important than finding a loving home ;). They get aling with other kitties well too.
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    People, keep your dog on a leash!!!

    Omg life is too busy. I need to find a way to clone myself and get more done.
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    People, keep your dog on a leash!!!

    Like :)
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    People, keep your dog on a leash!!!

    I totally agree and don't understand these people who ignore laws !!! Maybe when their dog is shot they will get it?
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    Furry lovers needs human friends

    Arkie ..... who advocates sleeping with naked furry critters lol
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    Furry lovers needs human friends

    We are furry and are seeking human companionship for love, food, and vet care .... if you are responsible, caring, and like furry friends, PM for naked pictures lol
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    Hanky Panky the Beagle is Lyme and HW+

    Hanky Panky is adorable .....
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    Hanky Panky the Beagle is Lyme and HW+

    good, hopefully easing his butt itchiness is low cost lol.
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    Hanky Panky the Beagle is Lyme and HW+

    I can't help but think of the forum Hank when I talk about this dog. Hanky Panky came to us from a caring horse lady in King George (KG). He was a stray, she had him evaluated by a vet, discovered he was positive for Lyme and HW at his young age of 3 years old. She dewormed little Hanky Panky...
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    Looks Like there is a need for ARKIE TO THE RESCUE ......................................... Just call CatAttack911, we'll get you the help you need.
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    She looks really young, almost like an 8 month old large breed :angel: - WHERE IS THE LIKE ICON ?!
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    Cell Phone Plans are changing, credit-based vs. pre-paid

    My S5 has a removable battery which I like because when the battery stops charging well, I can put in a new one and the phone will last me longer. The S6 and S7 I hear doesn't have a removable battery, so I just replaced my S5 for $239 purchased online. I expect to be using this phone for at...
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    A Tongue-Shaped Brush That Lets People Lick Their Cats

    Contrary to what some may think ...... I AM NOT in favor of this device. I thought it was a JOKE when I saw that (of course someone sent it to me on FB lol). NOW, who has an opening for a kitty? We have several great kitties to choose from. One is Katie, and she is so gentle and sweet that...