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  • Hey. I hear you have some cats that need homes. I *may* be interested in one. Or two.
    Hey Arkie,
    My wonderfully huge Tomcat passed away and I have some litter and cat food I would like to donate.
    Let me know,
    Would like to talk to you about a kitten we rescued. Seems to have a cold
    My email is we talked a while back about bunnies.
    Thank you the ph nbr is 301 843 0139
    If you haven't found a home for the ducks, I will take them. We live on the water and over the years have had several different sets of ducks.
    On my way into work this morning, about 8:00, I saw two loose cows on Brandywine Road. It looked like a mom and baby, black and white. They were just east of Baden Firehouse on the right side. They had crossed the road and ran until they reached a small section of woods and stopped just inside the wood line. Would you happen to know anyone along there that has black and white cows?
    I thought it was fitting. Laughed quite a bit over that picture yesterday and put it to good use today :)
    oh no on polish being beat up. That does happen as they are mild mannered and usually don't fight much.
    Hey Ark, I got some Polish Hens the other day, and had to give them back. My Hens went nuts on them, and plucked the hell out of especially the Black one. I appreciate your offer of your babies, but I will not be getting anymore Chickens until these old Hens die off. Then, I will get nothing but Polish Hens. I love their personality, and how laid back they are. I am so SAD. Debbie
    Hey! I just saw the chicken thread. Yesterday there was a gray chicken or rooster on 4 across from Wheatley farm up near the brush on the side of the road. Did you ever find out where they came from?
    Glad you like dear, ha ha. I can come up with a good one once in a while. I saw this white chick with the perfect butt the other day, I was wondering could this be Ark?
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