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    Doggy Doo

    You NAILED it!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Says the woman who has to sidestep human feces in her own town.....

    SHe is such a DUMB Bi&^!!!! She doesn't give a crap about the state she represents, with all the homeless, crap on the street, needles etc. a common Bi&%^$
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    I hope pro sports never comes back

    They are all overpaid. Funny how the professional athletes don't give a damn about the fans, until there are no fans and they are forced to take a pay cut
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    Play stupid games...

    Now that quick justice,,,love it,,,what a dumb ASS
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    The smibbiest thing I've ever read

    What a JACKASS, should have just sealed of the pipe for a day or so,,,
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    Elitism on parade

    I go to work
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    Farmers Are Buying 40-Year-Old Tractors Because They're Actually Repairable

    Funny, I have four jubotas that I have never had a problem with, I guess that's what you get for buying john deere
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    WOW! What a great accomplishment, you should be so proud of yourself...….Imagine how much time you waisted
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    The Five @ 5

    4 1/2
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    Md. Gov. Larry Hogan issues ‘stay at home’ order

    Really??? 21 pages of this thread? you folks staying home need to find something more constructive to do while at home. Either stay home and deal with it, or go out.
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    Biden Wants a Temporary Government Takeover of the Financial Sector

    I`ll bet he does, he will more than likely forget by tomorrow
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    This is a real question about toilet paper

    Just had two teeth pulled and haven't had any use for toilet paper in a week, soft foods, no coffee, no carbonated drinks, no alcohol. So, usually its captain and coke or ginger ale, now its straight captain through a straw, limited quantities of course. I hate the Dentist, and here is why: I...
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    All non-essential businesses in Maryland will close Monday, March 23 rd, at 17:00pm.

    Great, didn't want you to take it the wrong way