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    Happy Birthday, bcp!

    Just saw this, Thank you. Was a pretty good birfday as far as these things go. Considering my advanced age I was fairly proud of myself for remembering to put on trousers before leaving the house that morning, both of my daughters remembered so that really made my day.
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    Democrats Called For Last 4 GOP Presidents To be Impeached

    Democrats don't like Americans. Nothing to see here move along
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    The MPD thread made me think of the old forums

    not even an honorable mention under the category of a-holes.
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    Internet blowhards and their stupid causes

    women becoming extinct? :jameo: wait, if that happens wont the rest of us pretty much become extinct very shortly after? at any rate, Im going to go pick out my new husband now so Im not left with only the ugly ones when the time comes.
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    Happy birthday, Bann!

    How did I miss this, I should have remembered since your Birthday is one day before the Birthday of my wife. Happy Birthday ( late but still )
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    howdy kids. Im back.

    pan lady is doing great also. Skillet is out of the house now, I have a son in law, and will be a grandfather in August. I retired from computers after getting a degree that allowed me to switch over to a job counseling the mentally ill, pan lady retired from the government job and is now...
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    howdy kids. Im back.

    Im actually doing pretty good Larry. Better than ever. Retired from computers, got another degree and a new career. Still poverty stricken but Im good with that. How have you been?
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    howdy kids. Im back.

    Pretty much new here now. might try again and see how the forum goes this time around.
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    hate to be one to brag about wealth and good living but, Not done with roof yet, raining its ass off up this way. How many people do you know that are rich enough to have a living room size shower complete with big screen plasma TV. Don't hate me because I'm living well.
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    I might be back, most likely am. That being said, I might not be as opinionated as I once was. Then again, maybe I will.
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    ok, the rundown on the last couple years. Got drunk and fell in fish pond, fish were very polite and understanding but I decided to stop drinking. Coming up on the two year mark pretty soon. had a couple young adults I knew die from overdose, decided it was time to stop just complaining about...
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    Well, now that we have all caught up, not much more to say. Bye.
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    Need your thoughts on purchasing boat - owner owes $ on loan

    work it like a mortgage. borrow the amount he is asking and you are willing to pay. go to closing, at closing you hand a check over to him, he pays off the outstanding balance and any other related obligations and pockets anything left over. boat is yours with clear title.
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    Sulphur smell in well water

    It was mentioned that the smell was both in hot and cold. anode would only affect the hot side of things. its iron sulfide that he is smelling. bleach the well and cure it for a short time while adding tons of chlorine to the house, or add a charcoal filter and end up changing it every couple...
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    Checking in

    Still alive.