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    What do you miss most

    Being able to go to the library and get books for free. The ones I want to read aren’t in ebook form. So I buy them on amazon or some other app, unfortunately.
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    The good news about this virus

    I hate when people do that I went to wawa a the other day and this guy was so close to me and decided to put his drinks with mine. And of course the checker grabbed them and I had to tell her they weren’t mine. I felt like telling him to back up but didn’t. I should’ve just coughed on him. But...
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    Group zoom interview

    Has anyone had a group interview online using something like Zoom or any other format like it? How did that work out for you? And any advice to stand out? Sorry not sure where to put this question. Thank you
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    Deleted due to being fake

    Ok thanks
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    Deleted due to being fake

    Really? I hope so because I go in there all the time. Where did it say that? I’m just wondering?
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    Deleted due to being fake

    Sorry didn’t know it was fake
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    Anyone want to take a guess?

    Sounds about right. But I wonder how they will do graduation.
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    Am I the only one not over reacting?

    Ok thanks I thought they went up on stage and got their diplomas like the high schools do. Interesting.
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    Am I the only one not over reacting?

    My daughter is supposed to graduate high school this year. It should be interesting. I heard that one of the university s was thinking of doing their graduation online, which I don’t see how that would work.
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    National guard setting up tents at FedEx field

    I live in Calvert and I haven’t heard of one either. I think St Mary’s is the only one locally
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    Essential vs non essential

    Essential the pets gotta eat too!!!
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    First 3 official cases on Maryland...

    thanks for the update.
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    Mom goes to jail because of son's truancy, dies

    Thanks guess I didn’t see the 2014. I guess it’s not working for me because it shows today and not 2014 on the main page. Oh well.
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    Mom goes to jail because of son's truancy, dies

    That’s soo annoying. I didn’t look at the date until I was almost on the 2nd page. I guess I should check from now on. I figure since it’s under new posts, it’s actually a brand new post or at least this year. I wonder if there’s a way to show on the forum page the actual date before I click on it.?