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    Dragon Fly

    Awesome! Love your hummingbirds also.
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    Fireworks from St. Mary's City

    Very nice!
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    GBH and friend

    Great shot! How often do you think you would get one like that? Thanks for sharing.
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    Tree Blooms

    If I am not mistaken it is a type of ornamental cherry blossom. I believe that the same type are in JBR's apartment complex. Beautiful!
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    Tree Blooms

    The trees in our orchard are just starting to bloom so here are a few. Apple Blossom Cherry Blossom Pear Blossom When they are all in full bloom the yard will smell heavenly!
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    Wild Flower Macro

    Here is my wild flower is a Large-flowered Trillium. Hope you don't mind that it is not a macros shot.
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    My First Osprey of the year

    That is just beautiful...great shot as always!
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    Sony Professional Digital Camera, Circa 1996

    The Sony Mavica was my first digital and I thought I was sittin on top of the world with it. We sure have come a long way!
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    Cabin in the Smoky Mountains

    I did use a polarizer on this one. Thanks for the suggestion of minimizing the sky. Have to remember that.
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    Cabin in the Smoky Mountains

    I loved the cabin in the color shot but not the sky, but not much I could do about it at that time of day. Oh...I will learn.
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    Cabin in the Smoky Mountains

    Here it is in B&W. Not bad. Never thought to try to shoot it in B&W. There are so many things to think about.
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    Nice surprise in the woods.

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    Cabin in the Smoky Mountains

    Finally able to get out and about with the new camera. I am still in the learning mode but here is one that I took yesterday. I still have a lot to learn so any comments and suggestions are very welcome. Camera: Nikon D5000, 18-55mm lens.
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    My first try at Water Droplets

    Those are really cool shots. I especially like the milk shot!
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    ICE at National Harbor

    Those are awesome! Great shots. Thanks for sharing.