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    New Person Here!

    Greetings, all! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I'm not really new here, but it's been a while since I dropped in on the forums or a party. Been kind busy since getting married and moving and such. I figured this was the best place to catch everyone. "Welcome!" to the new people and...
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    New Year's Eve vittles!

    Hey, fuzzyng! I've got something for that list of yours...see if you can guess! I'd bring mine, but my bottle of Everclear kinda dissappeared at the last party, but I won't mention names because i wouldn't want to embarass Penncam, BK, or anyone else who helped...oops...hehe :-) :cheers:
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    IM4Change, is it XP Pro or Home? Are you sure it's not running extra services in the background (ie. internet connection sharing, web services, and such)? I wouldn't think that it would matter on a 2.4 GHz...hmm...also have you checked your pagefile and various cache settings? just a thought...
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    It's Friday!

    hehe...:razz2: :razz: :moon: you're welcome :bdaycake: i was just suggesting coal because then it was less likely that i would eat it :-)
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    It's Friday!

    coal?:biggrin: ...just kiddin', WC, still luv ya
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    Saturday Night

    I will bring something if you want, but i will probably not be there till 2am or so if it's still goin' Sorry, Pixie will try to birng something next time. i just need to know about an event 2 weeks ahead, which sucks.
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    Saturday Night

    watercolor, fuzzyng, and BK at least can vouch for me. water said she will give dir, but I prefer to have an actual address. both will be great. if someone could please give me n actual address that would be cool. i'm used to addresses because i deliver pizza on the side. thanx! Robert
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    Development--sick of it!

    I want to apologize to "lanes." I did not mean to express anything towards you. The problem is mainly the bigger companies coming in. We do welcome you with open arms! :howdy: Robert
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    Development--sick of it!

    Unfortunately, I can't really help you with finding a home except to reccomend the realtors that you can find listed here on somd, unless you're particularly trying to stay away from realtors. I have lived here in St. Mary's County all my life and was born on Pax River. I'm only 23, but I can...
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    Great Disclaimer

    hehe I like! I'm gonna steal it! Hope it's not copyrighted!
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    MP3 sharing sites

    I have to agree. I useWin MX and Kazaa Lite. it is kazaa without the adware and spam and such. I recommend it. Search for Kazaa Lite or get it from and Win MX utilizes a sort of file splitting to enable multi-source download to create one file from multiple sources if...
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    Death by cactus...

    In 1982, in the AZ desert, a man died when a 23-foot section of a saguaro cactus broke off and fell on him. The reason? Hed was using the plant for target practice with a high-powered rifle.
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    Cabbage prices...

    Government directive setting cabbage prices contained 15,629 words.
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    Phone bill...

    Elderly IL lady got an $8,709,800.33 phone bill. Should have been $87.98. Her comment: "I only talked to my sister!"
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    Success formula...

    J. Paul Getty's success formula: 1) Rise early. 2) Work hard. 3) Strike oil.