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    Hogg - Fascist Salute

    Stayin' Alive!
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    Defining crumbs...

    Deliberate troll of Pelosi.
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    I would like to see someone who surrounded themselves with competent people, who in turn, surrounded themselves by competent people. The government is a too huge with too many fiefdoms that overlap in responsibilities. Maybe someone who had supervised folks and accomplished what was expected of...
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    Random Thoughts

    That's exactly how our generation was taught to deal with bullies. Now they just cry and go on facebook. Maybe the President should take his Federal budget for golf balls, leave his Secret Service protection at home and go actively do some community activist work in the slums Hamas controls.
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    Random Thoughts Entire column is right on the money, as usual.
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    your opinion please

    While the Constitution gives the power to negotiate treaties with foreign powers, I believe the Senate still has the authority to ratify or not. Obama would appear to believe he is the only arm of government or at least the most powerful arm. I would prefer a Commander-in-Chief who had the...
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    Midnightrider caught on tape

    At least you unintentionally got the nationality correct! :)
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    Latest Obamacare commercial

    Just how many of these folks have realized that once they file taxes they have to pay back their subsidies?
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    Midnightrider caught on tape

    Its history weighs heavily on its butt.
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    Kerry chimes in on why Muslims turn to terror.

    Who is Kerry and why should I care about about what Bolt-Neck spouts???
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    Hogan told a Fib .

    Brian Williams was FIRED???? Nice redirection but like most Liberal lies, untrue....
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    Midnightrider caught on tape

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    Nearly 50 Percent Of Democrats Support An ‘Imperial Prez'

    How much of your ObamaCare subsidy do you have to repay? Or are you one of 800,000 folks the IRS sent tax forms with the wrong information?
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    Measles epidemic????

    I can only laugh so much before I start to choke.