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    Explosive Fox texts reveal Depths of election lies, viewers to be "Cousin Fu***"

    Mom and Dad told me to never pick on the mentally handicapped.
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    ditch the addiction to alpha males and bag a beta

    Interesting. Personal story, I would try and try and fail over and over again. Then I decided to just let whatever would happen, happen. Four decades later and my SO (who pursued me) and I are still happily married. Why was she attracted to me? She says she liked not being bothered and...
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    Another AITA

    Nothing in the story implied confidentiality so none exists. And yes, unless my confidentiality is requested, then I am free to pass on whatever I am told.
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    Another AITA

    Once the FBIL told the sister it was also her story to tell. She was NTA for sharing what was shared to her, especially since it was shared without an expectation of confidentiality. Full disclosure by the sister was the only honest path to take.
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    TAKING OVER: Squatters are tormenting homeowners across the US with no resolution in sight

    Go to the house with a dozen or so friends, change the locks, and throw out the trash. If they complain to the police that they have a lease say they are lying and they can talk to the judge in court about it.
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    Dang racist Muslims....what???? how do it be??

    Parking in front of my house is legal because it is a public street. Illegally parked cars in my driveway make good backstops for lacrosse practice.
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    Just wondering, I dont have a dog in this horse and pony show....

    Add a second sign - "Dangling bits get tazed".
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    Last of Us was good, except episode 3.
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    hey fellow old pharts....

    Mine are more like Santana, Santana Abraxis, Led Zep (first 4 albums), Tull (first 5 albums), Beatles, Procol Harum, Pink Floyd (all I could find). Basically anything Dad didn't like.
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    Another School Security feature to waste more taxpayer dollars.

    Not true. In Maryland not all defendants under the age of 18 are prosecuted in juvenile court. There are numerous crimes such as assault in the first degree and robbery that must start out in adult court according to the law.
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    Another School Security feature to waste more taxpayer dollars.

    All found illegally carrying a weapon into a school should be prosecuted as an adult, regardless of age. If kids as young as 8 years old can decide their gender they can go to adult prison for their crimes.
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    Dear Charlotte,

    But when you repeat lies often enough and loud enough they become facts for those with limited mental faculties. Take climate change, for example. The brain dead feel humans have more impact on climate than the sun because they scream it loudly.
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    Dear Charlotte,

    Not for long. You'll need another scam.