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    Snow !! Part 2

    Just a dusting in LP City. Roads are fine.
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    Murdered For Islam

    Put him in the general population block, no special security. Make sure it is the block for MS-13. They love muslims.
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    Penzey's spices dude decides he wants to go broke

    Looks like I will be reading the labels closer.
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    Happy Day, DaSDGuy

    Thanks to all for the well wishes
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    smartest damned woman in the United States Dude!!

    I got the vax and it didnt change me. I was a mindless babbling idiot years before the kungflu.
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    Politics of Covid-19

    Hilarious. The optics makes everyone who wears these look like and idiot.
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    This Week's "It May Take A Moment"

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    Hospitals and COVID

    Yep. Delta is still out there.
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    Hospitals and COVID

    Unless you have the Delta variant and you work with Omicron variant patients. What happens when everyone catches both at the same time?
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    Prescription shortages

    No prescriptions. They require seeing a doctor first. And for most people the last person they see before they die is a doctor. I'm not falling for that. It's a trap.
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    Federal Agency Making Lists On ‘Personal Religious Information’ Of Vaccine-Objecting Employees

    After they make their list, are they going to make the people who object on religious grounds wear a gold star on their clothes?
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    New IHOP

    Friends went to Cracker Barrel last week. They said the menu selection was reduced by about 90%
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    Snow Measured in Feet MLK Weekend?

    Interesting read here. He needs a proof reader to check for typos tho.
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    Junkyard Finds

    A friend had a SHO for 2 years. Said it spent more time along side the road and in the shop than being driven. HIs personal experience and recommendation to me was "just don't".
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    10 year challenge

    Move them to NY. They need a team to compete with the 2 in NJ.